More 5mm are on the way and should be available around April 20. Join our mailing list (link on the bottom of the page) to get notified when they are available. All other styles expected late July.
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      Cold Water Boots: 32F/0C+

      Solite Boots Cold Water Boots 6mm Wetsuit Boots 8mm Wetsuit Boots
      The Solite Boots Cold Water Collection consists of boots designed for water temps from 32F-50F/0-10C. Boots in this Collection have Thermo Form and neoprene thickness between 5mm-8mm.
      2021 5mm Custom 2021 5mm Custom
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      2021 5mm Custom Pro 2021 5mm Custom ProSold Out
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      2021 8mm Custom 2021 8mm CustomSold Out
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