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      Solite News

      It's That Time of Year


      Well it's that time of year again… Almost… It's the time before the time to start thinking about boots… wetsuit booties… And while you've been busy splashing about in your board shorts pretending summer will never end, it's happening. Here in SoCal we had almost a week of mid 50° water in August. A cruel joke no doubt, one that prompted lots of calls. “Hey when are you getting the new boots in??” The answer is now!  

      But I digress. There's a lot more to it than that. What you ask? Solite 2.0 of course.  Did you think we were the kind of guys to sit around and rest on our thermoform laurels? NOOO!

      We took on everything that ever bugged anyone and made it better, way better! The first thing is comfort: the internal split toe divider is smaller and more comfortable for a wider variety of foot shapes, all while still giving you the benefit of the split. Your feet are locked in your toes can grip the front of the boot and dig into the wax on the bottom turn like a cougar in heat. 

      Another improvement is your boots on way easier without sacrificing that super seal around your ankles that keeps whatever flushes through your suit going right past your boots. Genius they said!

      But for me the best advancement is the new 3-point strap.  It's amazing! It pulls the arch of the boot right into the arch of your foot and pulls the heel of the boot tight against your heel so it feels like part of your foot.  Solites have always felt like part of your foot but this is a whole new level!  And if you are doing airs, landing late drops or even just working on your first shaky floaters, having this amazing new ankle support is a whole new level of performance and security.

      Tyler Hollmer-Cross



      We just saw some amazing shots of Tyler Hollmer Cross at Shipstern bluff in Tasmania. Paddling and towing, pulling into mutant caves dropping over steps in the face almost as tall as him. It's some of the most technical surfing I've ever seen anyone do. Not to mention the cold water and jagged rocks just a few feet away. It's got to be one of the gnarliest waves on the planet. 


      Tyler is literally putting life on the line to get some crazy barrels.  Towing it, paddling it, using foot straps or not, he’s wearing Solite!  Same thing with Peter Mel getting a career wave at Mavericks last year. The type of wave where are you can sit and wait in the freezing cold water forever and when you make your move there’s no room for error. Both these guys are operating on slabs that could kill them. Hunks of water the size and weight of a building are literally missing their heads by inches. I get so stoked when I see this and I know that they choose Solite because they love the natural barefoot board feel, warmth, and protection they get. Getting good feedback from these guys means we are on the cutting edge of performance exactly where we strive to be. It’s super validating when your product is chosen by heavy water slab gods like these. And that translates to better performance for all of us mortals.  Because whether it’s 2 feet or 50, none of us wants to waste a good wave tripping over wetsuit boots.


      Peter Mel

      How's That Feel?

      How's That Feel?

      Surfing always comes down to feel.  As surfers we go by how things feel at least as much as how they look.   Because in surfing once you have something that feels just right you come to rely on that as the benchmark for performance. 

      Think about it.  It's true of boards, it's even true of wetsuits to some degree. But it's definitely true of wetsuit boots. They are literally the connection between you and your board. Some people are very picky, they will tell you they can't surf in booties. Some will tell you that they can't surf without booties. Some hate them some love them. That's why we at Solite spend so much time working on our unique materials, fit and construction.   Our goal was always a game changing boot that could improve everyone's surfing performance.   And Solites do!  Whether you are dropping in the bowl at Mavericks, or a beginner trying to get to your feet somewhere in Virginia Beach, you benefit from a lighter, better-fitting boot.  Especially one that feels more like barefoot on your board.  Like a membrane around your foot that moves like part of your foot. On top of that being 50% lighter helps everyone get to their feet faster and that's huge whether you are 7 or 70.


       The big bonus is that they're so durable. They outlast regular boots by 2-3 X.

      Partially because of the revolutionary thermoform material and partially because there are no seams to leak in the lower half of the boot. Solites provide superior performance that outlasts other boots.  As an added bonus, if your feet are still growing you can stretch them again by heat molding them to keep that custom fit going one extra season.

       Maybe that's why so many people are switching to Solite Boots. This was a breakout year and we have been amazed by our success.  When famous surfers sponsored by other wetsuit companies started secretly wearing our boots we knew we were on to something. We don't pay anyone to use our product. They do it because they believe.  From air kids in So Cal to the ice slab chargers in Northern Canada the word is out. These are the best boots you can buy. Period!

       The bad news is they're selling out fast.  So if you want to be sure to get your size get them now.  You can get them custom fitted by an expert retailer at any one of our custom hotbed centers around the US, Europe, and Canada.  Like Peter Mell at Freeline in Santa Cruz pictured here. Not only does he sell them, he uses them almost daily. If you're not near one of our retailers  go to  where there are easy to follow do-it-yourself sizing and molding instructions and live chat if you need help.



      The Beaches are going to Reopen!

      The Beaches are going to Reopen!
      There are multiple petitions being circulated now to reopen beaches that are still closed. You can find many of them here.  This is a positive exercise of your rights as an American. But, let’s be sure we bring our “A Game” to the table when beaches are open.

      Read more

      Meanwhile in Spain...

      Solite Boots; Punta Galea

      Warms the heart to see New York's Cliff Skudin crushing it in Spain on the white Solite prototypes he borrowed from his brother Will. Some amazing shots of Cliff emerging from his waves at Nazare and the Punta Galea Challenge.