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      Cool Water Boots/Gloves/Hats: 50F/10C+

      3mm Custom 2.0 (Both Colors) and 3mm Custom Pro 2.0 (Black/Gum) in Stock NOW! All 2023 Gloves are also in stock! Register for an e-mail alert on the product page for the style/size you are looking for if we don't have it in stock now. You'll get an alert as soon as it's available to ship.

      The Solite Boots Cool Water Collection consists of boots and gloves designed for water temps from 50F-60F/10-16C. Boots in this collection have Thermo Form and neoprene thickness of 3-4mm. Gloves in this collection have neoprene thickness of 2-3mm.

      2023 2:2 Gauntlet Glove 2023 2:2 Gauntlet Glove
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      2023 3:2 Gauntlet Glove 2023 3:2 Gauntlet Glove
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