2022 Boots are LIVE NOW! If you don't see what you are looking for, check our RETAILERS directory. More 3mm inventory arriving shortly. More 5mm/8mm in December (hopefully!)
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      Solite technology is also available on Body Glove's Red Cell Solite Boots. Check them out here: Body Glove


      Solite Boots are distributed in Japan by Maneuverline. Contact them here: Maneuverline

      Solite Boots are distributed in Scandinavia by NeilPryde Scandinavia. Website: NeilPryde Scandinavia. Email: ruben@neilpryde.dk.

      NeilPryde Scandinavia A/S

      Golfvej 10

      7400 Herning


      Phone: +45 97 22 49 43